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Know Your Healthcare Options BEFORE You Need Them!

At Niles Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, we realize that not everyone subscribes to the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. However, it's darn good advice for anyone - Scout or not.

Consider the unexpected illness or a scheduled surgery for a hip or knee replacement -- definitely not high on anyone's priority list, if given the choice. Would you know what to do or where to go when these care decisions arise?

The fact is -- no one's immune to life's downturns. A little prevention, along with some pre-planning, "Does a Body Good" when health takes a hit. Here's how to be in the driver's seat instead of under the bus…


Are you familiar with the term, "post-acute" care? After getting discharged from the hospital for an illness or surgery, patients sometimes need to go to a facility for ongoing medical care or rehabilitation. This portion of your recovery is referred to as "post-acute care".

Therapies such as physical, occupational and speech can do wonders for rehabbing a patient back to optimal functioning again so they can return home and pick up right where they left off. Post-acute care may also include IV antibiotics, dialysis, pain management, respiratory therapy, or nutritional services.

And, if you live alone and are apprehensive about meeting your daily needs during recuperation, you can go to a post-acute care facility for RESPITE CARE. There, you can receive the assistance you need for ongoing recovery while staying in your own room from five days to five weeks or more. It's up to you. Most post-acute care facilities offer RESPITE CARE. Ask if they do, and if so, find out what their length-of-stay minimum / maximum stays might be along with daily or weekly rates.


Did you know that you can tour post-acute facilities (once called nursing homes) just by calling and making an appointment? A designated staff member will escort you around the building, explain services, and even show you an empty guest room.

You are welcome to ask questions and even watch rehabilitation therapy sessions in progress. Taking a tour ahead of time demystifies post-acute care and provides you with the reassurance you might need. You'll also want to screen post-acute facilities for the types of insurance plans accepted to make certain you're in network ahead of time.

Whether you're exploring care options for yourself or a loved one, facilities are accustomed to clients calling and asking for tours. So, take advantage of this opportunity to learn more before making such an important decision that will greatly impact ongoing recovery.

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